• "Point is a great company; hands on, proactive and true to their word."
      Jim Hopkinson –Ulrich Attachments

The key to our manufacturing process is really getting to the heart of what our customers need. That might sound obvious, but we’re well known for challenging what’s asked of us – and that makes for a better, more sustained solution. Our customers entrust us with their reputation, and we’re committed to delivering on that, with faultless, high-performance, products that they can be proud of.

World-class solution for world-class project

Khalifa International Stadium, the first in the State of Qatar, was built in 1976 and has hosted several international events, but staging the 2006 Asian Games required enlargement and modernization. Plus the development committee wanted an iconic stadium and a world-class legacy for Doha and beyond.

This complex, demanding project, which amongst other things required an increase of 30,000 capacity, brought together a crew from across the world, including Belgian developers, Australian Architects, Indian steel contractors, an American fabric supplier, and us, all the way from Hull! This world-class facility, with its new, distinctive roof design and signature lighting arch also incorporated a private box for the Crown Prince of Qatar.

The biggest challenge here was the environment - deserts creates real extremes; the steelwork and cables have to withstand temperatures ranging between 5 and 85 degrees, the roof fabric has to withstand not only the wind but the weight of sand heaped upon it after sandstorms. Plus flat surrounds make near constant wind another consideration. We were asked to manufacture and install the rolling gear which make the roof panels open and close, providing air-flow for the fans in the stadium. An intricate job involving several other contractors and with all those environmental challenges, this was no mean feat, but it was a job made for us and our blend of experience, knowledge and collaborative approach.

We also had a deadline to work to – time was of the essence but without compromising longevity or quality of the stadium’s sophisticated design, fabrication, machining and surface-treatment of drive and non-drive pulleys. Finally, and so as to not to leave anything to chance, we packaged, exported the pieces and supervised their installation on-site in Doha.

Our Services

CNC and manual machining

Extensive range of CNC turning and milling machines for high volume batch production, supported also by conventional milling and turning operated by an experienced team of machine setters and operators.

Steel fabrication

Sawing, shearing, punching, forming and folding mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium plate, section, tube and bar.

Coded Welding

MIG, TIG and MMARC welding carried out by approved coded welders experienced in joining mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium from 4mm to 100mm thick. Pipe work, plate work or sheet metal work – we have the equipment and experienced people to do it for you.

Mechanical maintenance and repair

We travel to you and solve your mechanical machine faults working on industrial size production equipment. Refurbish old equipment and help you find new.

Heavy machine moving

Moving a machine or installing new, it has to be handled correctly, lifted and transported securely and set down carefully. Lift out through the roof or skate it through the main door our experienced team of engineers tackle the project from start to finish.

Blast cleaning and wet spray finishing

Revitalise older equipment or parts, prepare new pieces for galvanized, powder coated or wet spray surface protection, our facility is one of the largest in the region.

Turnkey design

Solving a problem is a welcome challenge to us. Finding the right solution at the right price is our aim. Combining all the services our business offers above with our in house 3D Solid Works design facilities helps us to help you.